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About the Farm

     Once a llama farm in the 1990's, Sunflower Hill Farm has truly transformed into a premiere venue since its purchase, by Mike and Karen, in July of 2014. While the farm was originally intended as a place for Karen to expand her green thumb, it wasn't long before the beauty of the farm caught the attention of brides-to-be! At the time, the property included a dilapidated farmhouse and a small shed, so weddings were hosted outdoors without any bells and whistles. It soon became clear that this hobby farm was meant for so much more. Their vision began to grow.

     While Sunflower Hill Farm has remained rooted in being family-owned and operated, we are proud to say we have grown into a multi-functional farm that provides the surrounding community and St. Louis area with organic produce and a community supported agriculture program. Outside of the vegetable garden and the chicken coop, Sunflower Hill Farm houses an event venue, large farmhouse, and quarry bonfire area that is available to rent for weddings, private parties, weekend getaways, retreats, and corporate events.



Meet our Farmily

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