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Our event center is currently in the final stages of construction.  Completion is set for August 2018. 

The event estate is available year-round  for private weddings, rehearsal dinners, receptions, etc.



Produce grown on the farm is available seasonally.  We offer anything you could find in your grocery store and more!  Our veggie stand is located at the entrance of "Farmacy Garden."

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Fall 2018


Bee's & Honey

Our three bee boxes sustain our flower garden and farm with their pollinating power! The bees create their honey for the winter, leaving the rest for us to share!


Perfect for corporate events,  reunions, or special occasion, Sunflower Hill Farm is the place for creating home grown memories. 


Free Range Fowl

Our free range chickens, turkeys, and guinea fowl eat the leftover produce while they range the property.  



Sold seasonally, our pollinator garden provides us with a variety of native flowers and plants.  These can be used for weddings and events.